Michaela Librarian

At Michaela, reading is at the heart of everything we do. We read in every single lesson – not just English lessons, and yes, including Art, Music and Maths lessons. Every pupils reads for twenty minutes with their tutor at the end of the day. Pupils read at lunchtime and after school in the library. The weakest readers read for an additional thirty minutes every day in our reading club. Our culture and habit of reading means that if we ever have ideas we want to communicate with kids, we tend to write them down, and read them with the children: our PSHE offer is a booklet the children read and discuss with form tutors on Wednesdays – we call it ‘Wednesday Wisdom.’ 

Given this culture, coordinating all the reading that happens at Michaela has become a full-time job – just one that has been split between multiple people. The organisation and administration of the tutor-time reading programme, or the library, are huge projects, and while much of the ‘set-up’ has been done, we have so much more to do.

That’s why we are looking to appoint a Librarian and Literacy Coordinator who will champion reading in the school. They will not be a teacher, but they will have constant contact with every single child in the school – all of whom visit the library at least every two weeks to renew or change their books. They will inherit a school library that is packed to the rafters with classic children’s and adult’s books, and free of some of the usual fare school libraries provide (as Katie Ashford has spoken about so eloquently at our conference).

We believe that reading is the number one way to change a child’s destiny, and we want to hire someone who shares that belief, and has the capacity and tenacity to make it happen.

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