About me

I’m Jo and I am engaged in reading all the books. I embarked on this mission around 14 years ago, inspired by Dr. Byrne, possibly the greatest teacher to have ever taught.

Now, I am also an English teacher, and as well as reading all the books, I am trying to encourage my students to read them too. In this blog, you will find reviews of education books I read, books I recommend for my students to read and methods I am using to encourage my students to read.

book hunting


7 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Joe,
    Could you please send over some of your contact details? I have a learning materials project I’d love to get in touch about. My email is: georgie.rastall@bbc.co.uk. If you could drop me aline that would be fantastic.



  2. Hey I read Marking ins futile in the Michaela way, what is a Visulizer? would be awesome if you could give me a link or something


  3. Hi Jo! Hey Jo! My name is Joaquin. I worked for several years on the TLAC Team with Doug, Colleen, and Erica. I’m now working to support school leaders around instruction and coaching at a charter network in CA. I recently received a question that I think you might be able to help with (or know someone who does). Any way you could send along your email address so I can reach out with more specifics about my question? Many thanks in advance šŸ™‚


  4. Hi Jo, bit random but I accidentally came across your blog when I decided to look up an old English teacher of mine…Dr Byrne! Because I also recognised the names Mr Hopper and Mrs Grinham, I wondered whether we went to the same school…Culford (I was class of 1996) …and if so, whether you have any contact with Dr Byrne!?. Please do email me back if this is the case. Many thanks


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