What is mastery?

On leaving my job as Assistant Principal for Curriculum Design, I was charged to write down everything I knew about mastery. I sent it around to the smartest people I know, the ones I stole all of the ideas from, and one of them said it might be useful to other people. It is just under 2,500 words, so rather than paste it into the blog, I’ve attached the booklet. It outlines: what mastery is, the science of learning, what a mastery curriculum looks like, what a mastery lesson looks like, and some suggestions for further reading.

Mastery Handbook JFA


8 thoughts on “What is mastery?

  1. Jo

    I very interesting and informative Handbook. Thank you.

    Do you suggest that this method along with the evaluation of activities table works for all subjects with amendment or is it designed specifically for English and may need tweaking for other subjects?



  2. Many thanks for your generous sharing of this. We find ourselves in a situation where the research is useful and clear and would help to improve teaching and learning whilst reducing unnecessary workload, yet many schools and school leaders are ignorant of it, or willfully indifferent.


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